F-GAS & CBAM Environmental Regulations

May 13th, 2024

The Environmental Regulations known as CBAM and F-GAS reach almost every sector. Some are clearly in scope (HVAC-R, Automotive, Chemicals), while some other sectors are affected without even realizing it.

One clear example is the Solar Industry, where the storage batteries need cooling and in most of the cases this function is supplied by a mini chiller using HFCs (R134a is the most common one). This mini chiller falls under the remit of the F-GAS Regulation, both in the EU and in GB. Even more subtle is the CBAM. Many Companies import spare parts which are made of iron, cast iron, steel, aluminium. These metals are in scope of the CBAM Regulation. There is a lot of work to be done to make sure that these Regulations are properly complied to.

This webinar aims at informing in a clear way what to look for to understand if these Regulations affect your business and how to make sure your company is fully compliant.

We hope you will find our webinar packed with useful information and happy to share it with you. To download the presentation, simply follow the link below:

F-GAS & CBAM Environmental Regulations


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